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Goodwill Success Story: Meet Rachel


Marie Rachel Louisjuste came to the conclusion that in order to excel in her college classes as she wanted she would have to master Microsoft Excel.


“I tell people, until recently, Excel used to kick my rear! It was like a bad dream. I used to be so stressed about it!” said Rachel, a recently naturalized U.S. citizen from Haiti.

Adding to her frustration, Rachel couldn’t find anywhere to go for basic training in Excel. That’s where Goodwill came in to help. 

“Well, these classes aren’t taught anywhere else. I have enrolled at TCC trying to take Excel, but it was too advanced,” Rachel said. “So whatever I knew about Excel I taught myself. Of course, that’s not good enough. There’s always a shorter way, and a more professional approach to it. So, I know if I could find a class, more basic, where I can learn the language of Excel, then I can excel! So that’s what I did!”

Rachel felt led to come to Goodwill, specifically to TulsaWORKS Career Academy, so she could give herself a better future, and so she could bless others. She was working 82 hours a week while taking classes. Rachel knew that improving her skills and gaining new ones would give her more opportunities for getting a better job and providing for herself. So when she came to enroll and learned that Workplace Computer Skills class was starting the following week, it was confirmation that she was on the right path.

Rachel completed her training at TulsaWORKS in February. “I learned Excel wasn’t so bad after all!”

She firmly recommends the classes to “seasoned” students like herself or people who need to polish their computer skills.

“(T)here’s a mission statement up front that says ‘somebody feeds you, that’s charity. But if somebody teaches you how to upgrade your skills to get a better job, that is a second chance.’ I like that. Teaching you how to fish, not feeding you a fish. … I like that, I like catching my own fish! You decide what size of fish you want, you know! … If you want a 50 pound, go for it. If you want catfish, more power to you. If you want 7, go get it. The sky’s your limit.”


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