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How many ways are there to make a positive impact on your community by employing someone willing to do what it takes to work for you? Hiring Goodwill program participants, graduates and Job Connection job seekers makes good sense. 

TulsaWORKS graduates are ready and highly motivated to fill your open positions. These are people who chose to gain the skills needed to become more employable and better their lives.  Look at the TulsaWORKS area of our web site to see what skill sets our program participants are gaining.  Interview our folks to see what previous skills they bring to the table.  The retention rate of our graduates after 6 months on the job is over 80%. Contact a TulsaWORKS representative today.

Our Supported Employment program allows those with severe disabilities to be employed with the use of a Goodwill Job coach.  A Goodwill Job Coach can train individuals to perform their jobs to the employer's specifications as they gradually fade from the placement until no longer needed. Supported Employment workers gain a deep sense of pride and accomplishment in the work they do. It can be life changing. Stake Holder satisfaction rates are 4.5 on a scale of 1 to 5. Consider what the Supported Employment program can bring to your company.

Group Worksites offers many types of job opportunities for those with severe disabilities who need continuous job coach supervision. Our Group Worksites can be found in local hospitals, offices and Goodwill Donation Centers.  Is there a place for the Group Worksites program in your organization? 


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