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Going above and Beyond for Tulsa area women


Some people are never satisfied — even with success.
Goodwill Industries International and the Walmart Foundation launched Beyond Jobs in late 2012 with high expectations. The mission was to provide women with tools — such as job training and placement services — to advance their careers, succeed in the workforce, and meet career and personal goals. The Walmart Foundation provided $7.7 million for the program as part of its larger initiative to reach 200,000 disadvantaged women.

In the past six months, the participating Goodwill® agencies have served 4,150 women nationally, and assisted in 1,037 of them becoming employed. Goodwill Tulsa, through TulsaWORKS, has served 49 women and helped place 21 through May.

Nationally, 13 women have reached the 6-month retention goal, one of them a Goodwill Tulsa Beyond Jobs participant.

“I am amazed by the effect this grant has made on the lives of our TulsaWORKS women,” says program director Sabrina Ware.“ They have become employed while working on becoming financially fit and they are career minded.” Women like Alicia Ray have done well in Beyond Jobs. While they wish to remain anonymous, these women did not want to keep secret what the program has meant for them.“

TulsaWORKS/Beyond Jobs is certainly one of the best kept job searching secrets in Tulsa! When I reflect back on the Life Success training, I am in awe of the advantage this one week gave me during my interview process with the University of Oklahoma. Reality is, by following the advice and tips given to me, my confidence level excelled and my interview process was completed in a manner that demonstrated confidence and knowledge.

Now that I am employed, I wasn’t dropped at the employment door step and left to guess at my success. As the title implies TulsaWORKS/Beyond Jobs not only assisted me in becoming employed, but they have gone the extra mile to ensure my future success in continuing to stay employed!”

Thoughts from another participant:

“At 45 years old I went to prison for the third time, definitely not a retirement plan. While incarcerated on a 10-year sentence, I tried every angle to get some kind of training. Unfortunately — contrary to popular belief — there really [isn’t] training available in the Department of Corrections for Women...

(I) was given an opportunity to attend classes at Goodwill Industries of Tulsa/TulsaWORKS program. I attended and received certifications in Forklift Training, Employment Essentials, and I am currently enrolled in Beyond Jobs. I have also obtained full-time employment (Yeah, Me!!!). I now have real useable skills … to earn a livable wage. I also know I can support myself and my family without selling drugs to make ends meet. I am stopping my cycle of recidivism.

My self-image and confidence has improved and I know I have support at TulsaWORKS and they really do care about my future! They really want me to win!”

Goodwill Tulsa and TulsaWORKS are proud of the early success, but not satisfied. The program expects to help 230 women locally in the two-year grant period. So, the push continues to get these services to women in our community.

TulsaWORKS holds its next orientation Tuesday, July 2: 10 a.m. on the campus at 2800 Southwest Boulevard, and 3 p.m. at Cornerstone Community Center (5610 S. 41st West Ave.) If you or someone you know could benefit from the Beyond Jobs program, call (918) 584-7291 or read about it online.

“Improving the lives of working women in Tulsa — what an impact!” Sabrina says.


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