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Beyond and belief: A Success Story


In January, Julia came to the TulsaWORKS program’s first orientation of the New Year looking for a brand new start.  She was in search of a “career change” and she wanted it “now.”  Julia’s five children looked to her for support and encouragement. This time, Julia needed a little bit of that herself. 

Julia was very well skilled: an articulate young lady with a Bachelor’s degree in human development. What she lacked, however, were the skills to put her knowledge and abilities together and sell herself in a job interview. 

After enrolling in the TulsaWORKS Life Skills class, Julia was blown away by what it took to be competitive in today’s job market, particularly when it came to “winning the interview.”  She was also surprised by the preparation taken to network, complete an application, and the entire “going-after-a-job process.” 


 Courtesy photo

Julia Parks, Christine Conner.

Julia also enrolled in the Beyond Jobs program for women with the assistance of her TulsaWORKS case manager Christine Conner. Together, Julia and Christine formulated a plan for the journey to just the right career ‑ and not just a job.

A week after completing Life Skills, Julia landed an interview with The University of Oklahoma - Tulsa Schusterman Center for a job as a security officer. She had been in law enforcement, but wanted to do something different. Because of her children, she didn’t want to work weekends. This job was perfect!

She remembered her Life Skills teachings and the interview went well. So well that she landed the job!  Julia began working for OU-Tulsa one day after Valentine’s Day! It was a sweet day.

Now, Julia didn’t stop there.  As she continues with her employment as private security personnel for OU-Tulsa, she has also become TulsaWORKS’ Pied Piper, doing interviews and telling her story wherever she goes.

According to Julia, “TulsaWORKS helped me find my potential. This would have never happened without their good works and their believing in me!” 

Julia is working on her master’s degree (through OU, of course).  She continues to be a great example to her children and to current Goodwill® participants.

Most importantly, she believes in herself.


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