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5 Easy Ways to Dress In-Between Summer and Fall



Fall is here! Time to order those PSL's and break out the sweaters! I can already smell the cinnamon and pumpkin pie (yum!). Unfortunately, Mother Nature does not always agree with the seasons and it is still hot outside. This in-between season of transitioning from summer to fall can be a bit tricky to navigate, but here are a few tips for us ladies to get you on track for fall fashion!

  1. Double layer your shirts. Wear your usual summer shirt, just add a long-sleeve blouse either draped over your shoulders or as a jacket — this keeps it light and simple!
 2. Put a jacket/shirt over your summer dress. That way you are still able to go out in the day, and still be warm after dark.   
   3. Change up the color. If you can't give up the summer shirts just yet, switch up the colors! (For example, a deep gold, orange, brown, black, navy, etc.) Color change is a quick, easy fix to easily feel like its fall.
 4. Pull out the peep-toed shoes. Not only are they adorable and fall-colored, the "peep" also brings cooler air to the rest of your toes when it's hot outside!  
   5. Color your nails a neutral color. Grey, black, white, and even tan are nail colors that can go with any color clothing and still be ready for when it gets cooler outside.

The best part is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to create these looks. Every single clothing item suggested is in our Goodwill Tulsa stores! 

Kelly Olivieri is Goodwill Tulsa’s Digital Communications intern who loves to watch the latest trends, whether it be fashion or latte-related.


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