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Goodwill Success Story: Meet Lenette


Lenette Hebrink’s job title at Goodwill is South Annex receptionist, but she sees herself as a resource — a cheerleader even — for those people who come looking for help finding work. That is because she has been where they are, struggling to find a good steady job.

In 2016, Lenette, 54, had to unexpectedly re-enter the workforce after she was laid off from her long time job. She was in job transition for 18 months, working temp jobs, ride sharing and delivery service, seasonal retail, and companion senior care — whatever she could to pay the bills. Lenette said she kept networking and handing out her resume to potential employers during that time. She was not getting offers, but she was getting a little frustrated.

In January, a co-worker on of one her temp assignments recommended Goodwill TulsaWORKS Career Academy. By April, she had enrolled in two courses, Hospitality Training and Career Readiness Training. After attending both, she had renewed hope that she could now find long-term employment.

“I used the skills I had learned in my job interviews. I knew my resume looked sharp,” Lenette said. “I carried myself with more confidence.”

Lenette’s career navigator at TulsaWORKS let her know about the receptionist position at Goodwill, and she applied. Lenette finally got that steady job, an answer to her prayers.

“I always wanted to be someplace to help others,” Lenette said. “Now I get to pay it forward.”

 "I have found the place where I can truly make a difference in people's lives through the Job Connection program."
Lenette shopped often at Goodwill when she lived in Missouri for clothes for her children and household items. In 2012, she lost all of her possessions in a house fire. She went to Goodwill to replace much of her things, including furniture. So, like most people, Lenette knew the cost-saving benefits of shopping at Goodwill. Not until that recommendation from her co-worker, however, did she have an idea of the full scope of Goodwill’s mission. (“They have classes!?” she remembered saying.)

Lenette has now experienced the mission firsthand, and she wants to help others do the same. Her job is more than just the data entry, and directing people to the right department. She is ready to reach out when she senses a Goodwill Job Connection client’s pain and discouragement. She has already seen the fruits of doing so.

A man came back to Goodwill Job Connection to tell her he now has a job. He had been close to giving up, but Lenette’s words of encouragement empowered him to push through, to “stick it out.”

“It made my heart swell,” Lenette said.

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