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A Goodwill Date Night


Every year we see countless couples visit our stores for what has become known as a #GoodwillDateNight. This is when each person picks out their significant other’s outfit at Goodwill with a $10 budget.

Oftentimes the outfits are vintage or themed, but our Tulsa couples were challenged to select items their significant other would love to wear any time, any day!

Angie and Christina breezed through our men’s department for jeans, khakis, collared shirts and shoes. While Ryan and Lane tirelessly searched for styles that would please the girls. Because a patterned shirt is a patterned shirt, right ladies? Wrong.


“It was fun trying to pick out outfits for Ryan,” Angie said. “But it was even more fun getting to see what Ryan was picking out for me.”

The girls couldn’t say a word. Because this is the guy’s chance to select what he thinks her style is. But the girl’s facial expressions could not tell a lie.

By a process of elimination, the guys finally got it right... and selected clothing items both the guys and girls liked!

At the register our shoppers were able to stay within their budgets for each other. “There was a wide variety of stuff,” Ryan said.  “It was surprising to see how far $10 could get you.”

Both couples encourage others to venture to Goodwill for a fun and affordable date night this Valentine’s Day. “Definitely plan a #GoodwillDateNight,” Christina said. “It can be everyday clothes or wacky! It was just hilarious to watch what your partner picks out for you and what they think would look good on you!”

Couple #1 – Total Budget $20

Angie’s Top: $4.99

Angie’s Vest: $7.99

Ryan’s Shirt: $4.99


Couple #2 – Total Budget $2

Christina’s Top: $4.99

Christina’s Pants: $5.49

Lane’s Pants: $5.99

Lane’s Shirt: 50% off marked price of $4.99
 because it was the Tag # of the week



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