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Goodwill Halloween DIY: Pipe cleaner Spiders


Illustration showing DIY Halloween Spiders on the Good Thinking Blog


Goodwill sales associate Jana Barham, showed us how to make these creepy – but adorable  spiders using pipe cleaners during our Facebook Live from the store in Carthage, MO. Quick and easy, but also fun to make. 

You will need:


Step 1: Wrap one pipe cleaner around the marker to form a spiral.

Step 2: Take both ends of the spiral and attach them to each other.

Step 3. Take leftover spirals and smoosh them closer together to form the back end of the spider.

Step 4. Take two (2) pipe cleaners and fold them in half, then cut along fold, forming four (4) shorter pipe cleaners that will be the legs.

5. Take one pipe cleaner, wrap it around the middle of the legs and wrap the excess around and in between the legs to form the front of the body.

6. Take the last pipe cleaner, thread it through the back of the body and then wrap the excess around and through the legs to attach the two separate parts of the spider.

7. Bend the legs and cut to desired height.

Repeat as needed!


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