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Break Up With Your Old Stuff




Dear Vacation 2014 Shirt,

This is hard to say, but it has to be said. We’re over.

It was never really there anyway. We had a fling during that summer while I was on vacation. We had a great time! You’re in, like, half of my vacation photos. You came home with me. I introduced you to my friends and family. I even took you to work on a casual Friday.

But I think we both know the sizzle died pretty fast. The last few years have been awkward. We both pass by each other each morning in the closet, and we both know I’m not going to wear you.

I still think you’re a great shirt. You’re just not going to be my shirt anymore. But I want you to find someone new. That’s why I’m donating you to a Goodwill Industries of Tulsa attended donation center. That way you get a second chance, and our breakup will help create jobs in the Tulsa area.


Your Old Friend

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