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Donating to Goodwill Industries of Tulsa Helps the Environment




Spring is a natural time to think about the environment. Birds will begin filling the trees with their songs. Squirrels will come out of hiding and start bouncing around. Plants will bud and green, and the whole world will get a little more colorful.

Spring is also a natural time to clean. Longer days and warmer weather gives you more energy. As you come out of your own, mental hibernation, you’ll suddenly realize the clutter that’s been piling up all winter is just too much. It has to go.

Did you know you can get rid of your clutter in a way that helps the environment? When you donate your gently used clothing and housewares to Goodwill Industries of Tulsa, you aren’t throwing those items away. It’s the ultimate in recycling. Instead of the nearest landfill, those items go into our stores. They won't sit in a garbage dump, rotting for hundreds of years. They will help fund our mission to provide jobs and job training.

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