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Party Like Itís the Ď90s for Spring Break





Remember Saturday mornings? I don’t mean last Saturday morning when you slept in and then woke up just to wash dishes and do laundry. I mean real Saturday mornings. The ones from when you were a kid. When you rolled out of bed bright and early wearing pajamas. You got yourself some way-too-sweet cereal for breakfast. Then you plopped down in front of the television for the best cartoons ever created. It was the ‘90s, and it was glorious.

It was such a different, magical time. The best drinking glasses came from a fast-food restaurant. The best movies came to your home via VHS. And the best memories typically involved the shows and movies made by the mouse’s company.

Lucky for you, Goodwill Industries of Tulsa stores are constantly rolling out cool, vintage stuff from your childhood.

That means you can show your kids what it was like back in your day. If you're doing the staycation thing for Spring Break, take them on a trip to the past and show them what childhood was like during the greatest decade ever.


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