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Many Oklahomans found themselves without jobs earlier this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Teresa, a single mother of three, was one of those impacted. But Teresa remained positive and chose to use this time to improve her skills by enrolling in Workplace Computer Skills training at Goodwill TulsaWORKS Career Academy (TWCA).

Teresa has dealt with adversity before. “Growing up, I was placed in special education programs and believed I would not amount to anything,” Teresa says. “It felt like my life was planned out to be a nobody.” But Teresa always knew she wanted more for herself and her children, and this was her opportunity to pursue those goals.

Teresa learned after arriving at Goodwill that many resources are available to people in her situation. “I was amazed,” she says. “If you want to better yourself, you can have it!” She was filled with hope, knowing there was no room for excuses.

One of the resources of particular interest to Teresa was a Goodwill TWCA program to earn the Google IT Support Professional Certificate.

Teresa recently began seasonal work at Macy’s to support her family while she completes her training at Goodwill TWCA. Balancing a part-time job, technical training, and mom duties is challenging, especially when you lack reliable transportation. Because of barriers like these, Goodwill TWCA was excited to add virtual training options to our in-person trainings this year.

“I am so grateful the course has an online option,” Teresa says. “It allows me to do my course work at home and on the weekends.”

Teresa earned her Google IT Support Professionals Certificate this month and is beginning her job search in the IT industry with confidence. “Without support from Goodwill TWCA, I would not have had the determination I needed to finish,” Teresa says. “I would have continued taking jobs with lower pay instead of striving for something I can achieve.”

Thanks to your support, Goodwill continues to provide essential training courses to people like Teresa during these uncertain times.

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