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Business Solutions


Does your business need qualified employees for specific services? Look to Goodwill Industries of Tulsa!

Subcontract Department - Goodwill's subcontract department offers production solutions to businesses looking for a dependable and eager workforce ready to fullfill a variety of needs. See why companies such as Whirlpool, AAA and Roto Hammer use Goodwill.

Janitorial - Since 1985 Goodwill Tulsa has been providing jobs and job training to people with disabilities and other barriers via its Janitorial contracts. See why many state agencies and others rely on Goodwill Janitorial.

Hire Goodwill - We have motivated and capable people who want to work for your organization. Contact Goodwill before hiring your next employee. Our program graduates and Job Connection clients are looking for rewarding opportunities.


"AAA Oklahoma has been using the services of Goodwill for almost ten years. The young men and women of Goodwill have been fulfilling our "Membership Packets" with immeasurable accuracy. They are truly part of our "team" yet go about their job without fanfare or recognition. Job well done. Thank you."

John McTigue
Vice President of Marketing
AAA Oklahoma


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