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Extended Paid Work Experience and Subcontracting Work.

Contract services are offered to area businesses through a wide variety of service and assembly tasks. The various tasks give training participants an opportunity to sample different work activities, environments and skills.

Goodwill Contract Services can provide your business with a flexible workforce that is adequately trained to assume large, long-term contracts as well as smaller short-term jobs. Our professional staff guarantees that all contracted work meets your quality standards. Our goal is to provide quality, customer satisfaction and timely delivery on every job.

     Successful Companies
            Pick Goodwill

      Whirlpool Corporation


             Roto Hammer

      Tulsa Area United Way

       Ameron Pole Products


           Gerard - Daniels

    Aircraft Specialties Services



Let Us Help You Define Your Needs -- Contract Capabilities

  • Packaging
     Counting & Bagging
     Drop Shipments
  • Assembly
     Supplemental Manufacturing
     Component Subassembly
     Pre-shipment Inspection
     Turnkey Assembly
  • Business Services
     Document Shredding


To learn more about how Goodwill Contract Services can help your business, click here or call 918-838-4500.

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