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Goodwill Industries of Tulsa provides jobs and job training to people with disabilities through our janitorial contracts.

Goodwill offers a complete Janitorial Service with:

  • trained staff
  • professional supervision
  • state-of-the-art equipment and  products
  • commitment to service
  • satisfaction to our customers
  • general liability and worker's compensation insurance coverage

Benefits to Industry

  • Access to a readily available workforce which eliminates the need to hire personnel
  • All payroll, administrative and fringe benefit costs are assumed by Goodwill
  • Professional supervision and trained staff with decades of experience
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction

Benefits to People
with Disabilities

  • Gain work experience
  • Opportunity to earn a paycheck from steady employment
  • Increased self-respect and dignity
  • Builds confidence and independence

Locations Where Goodwill Provides Services


DHS – North Branch
State Office Building – 440 South Houston
DHS – Skyline


DHS – Juvenile Services

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Goodwill Sites

8 Stores
20 Donation Centers
Edgar J. Helms Center
Administrative Offices

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