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Goodwill Award Winners

Graduate of the Year

Celso Castillo

Celso and his family immigrated to the United States from Venezuela in 2012. In addition to the challenge of assimilating into American culture, Celso’s family had to navigate the disability system in pursuit of the best training and support for students on the Autism Spectrum.

To learn more about how your support helped Celso receive his ‘One Year of Service’ badge, watch his video:

Employee of the Year

George Schmidt

Since 1996, George has been employed by Goodwill. Each day he is surrounded by people who understand the uniqueness and obstacles of individuals with disabilities, and the power of inclusion in our community. George is actively learning and engaged in his job, giving him a sense of accomplishment and pride.

To see more of George's story, watch his video:

Achiever of the Year

Mahe Ramazani

Success stories are often a journey with multiple milestones. Mahe’s story is no exception. Her and her husband came to the United States from Iran in 2014. Mahe, a nurse by trade, lacked the necessary credentials to work in the same field in the U.S. Her strong desire to help people and to work within the medical field requires a great deal of work.

To see how your support helped Mahe, watch her video.

Each of our award winners succeeded in our programs due to their determination and positive spirit. Their success is also due to the support of family, guardians and friends; job coaches and case managers; and partner organizations such as the Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services and other community partners.


Community Partner of the Year


Goodwill was tasked with providing information to our Transition Work Adjustment students about disability self-advocacy, self-determination and peer mentoring. Goodwill is collaborating with organizations for their expertise and resources. One of which is TARC, who is committed to ensuring a high quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.

To hear more about Goodwill’s collaboration with TARC, watch the video:

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