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Award Winners & Success Stories


On May 9, 2018 at our Annual Awards Luncheon, we honored our Achiever, Employee, and Graduate of the Year: Kevin Jefferson, Traci Daubert and Alex Morris. They succeeded in our programs due to their determination and positive spirit. Their success is also due to the support of family, guardians and friends; job coaches and case managers; and partner organizations such as the Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services and 501tech.



Kevin had a longtime goal to be a computer engineer. His dream seemed to be derailed after a life-threatening car accident. He was forced to drop out of college and he had to make ends meet by bartending and serving at a local country club. Wanting more, Kevin enrolled at Goodwill TulsaWORKS.

Kevin completed the Computer Support Tech class and turned an internship into a full-time IT job with 501tech. He feels like his dream is back on track.

At the awards luncheon, Kevin said "I couldn't do this without the support of everyone at the TulsaWORKS (Career) Academy" and others.

Read more about Kevin, our 2017 Achiever of the Year, in our Annual Report and watch his video.


Traci has been a beloved employee at Goodwill for almost 18 years. Before that she was a successful participant in Goodwill's Transition Work Adjustment program. Neither Traci, nor her family, allowed her disability to keep her from thriving at work and in life. 

As a member of Goodwill's hospital enclaves, Traci has worked hard to develop job skills and social skills, and learn how to work on a team. She has faced challenges that come with new job positions. Through it all, Traci is known for her smile and congenial attitude. 

At the awards luncheon, Traci's mom said, "I'm just so pleased with everything she has accomplished in her life through Goodwill."

Read more about Traci, our 2017 Employee of the Year, in our Annual Report and watch her video.


Alex once struggled with social interaction. The Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services referred him to Goodwill's specialized training program for high school students on the Autism Spectrum (ASD). Now, the once quiet and reserved Alex is a courtesy clerk at Reasor's.  

In the ASD program, Alex learned how to meet expectations in the workplace through a variety of teaching techniques such as role-playing and mobile apps. He successfully transitioned in to Goodwill's Supported Employment Program, where his employment consultant helped him land the Reasor's job. Alex's workplace success earned him the Governor's Disability Award of Excellence in 2017.  

Alex is particularly proud that he can support himself independently now. At the luncheon, he said, "I am so honored to win an award today!"

Read more about Alex, our 2017 Graduate of the Year, in our Annual Report and watch his video.


Goodwill recognized SJS Hospitality as the Community Partner of the Year at the annual Awards Luncheon. SJS brings a hands-on approach that enhances the learning experience for students in Goodwill TulsaWORKS' Hospitality Training and Certification Program. At the luncheon, SJS Hospitality Human Resources Director Michelle Hartman said that the people at Goodwill are great to work with "and they've made us excited about being community partners."



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